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Remi Asselin

Freestyle skier

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Years Old


CAN Championship Medal

Demonstrating great athletic qualities in several sports, Rémi was first introduced to skiing by his family at a very young age at Mont-Orignal. Taking advantage of the proximity of the family condo, he joined the Stoneham Freestyle Ski Club at the age of 8. Until the age of 10, he was torn between hockey and freestyle skiing, two sports that proved difficult to conciliate. Attracted by the positive atmosphere that emerged from the world of slopestyle and motivated by the presence of his sister Olivia in the club, he chose freestyle skiing. His calm and his ethics in training allowed him to quickly go around with the club’s slightly older athletes and the best coaches, propelling him into a learning environment that was particularly favorable to his development. In his first full year on the Provincial Slopestyle Circuit in 2018, Rémi won the Quebec Cup, awarded to the best athlete in the Cumulative Ranking (U-12). In March 2022 (U-16), he was crowned Quebec Cup champion for a 5th consecutive year, showing notorious consistency.


In 2020, at only 14 years old, Rémi was selected on the Quebec slopestyle and big air team. In 2021, at only 15 years old, he demonstrates all his expertise. On this occasion, the young skier finished 3rd in the Cumulative Ranking (all ages combined). He made his debut on the NorAm Circuit in Stoneham in March 2022, making this moment even more special. As a training partner in an individual sport, Rémi is really appreciated by his peers. He is calm, hardworking, caring with his training teammates, positive, and impressive with his ability to develop his skills, both in big air and slopestyle. These human and athletic qualities were greatly recognized when he was named on the 2020 Dream team by Ski Acro Québec, all disciplines combined.


Although Rémi’s journey is different from that of his sister Olivia Asselin, an Olympic athlete who is already part of the world elite of her sport, he is closely following her path. He is working to make his own place in the global elite and to write his own story, one chapter at a time.

2022 | NorAm Debut (Slopestyle + Big Air)
2021 | 3rd place – Overall ranking (Slopestyle + Big Air)
2019 | 3rd place – Canadian Junior Championships

5x | Champion – U16 Quebec Cup