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Olivia Asselin

Freestyle skier

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Olivia’s parents first introduced her to skiing when she was four years old. Olivia can remember how excited she would get when her parents took the whole family to Mont Orignal, a small ski hill located two hours away from their house.


When Olivia was eight years old, her family rented a condo in Stoneham for the winter. This helped Olivia discover the world of freestyle skiing. Olivia would see kids from the local freestyle ski club rip around the mountain, jumping and doing tricks. This sparked Olivia’s interest in freestyle, and joined the Stoneham Freestyle Ski Club the following year.


Olivia started off by training and competing for three years in all disciplines: moguls, aerials and slopestyle. This gave the young skier strong basics, but Olivia found that she enjoyed trying new tricks in the park and hitting rails instead of skiing in the bumps.


Olivia decided to specialize in slopestyle at the age of 12, and spent two more winters with the Stoneham club before moving onto the Quebec team at 14. After one year on the Canada Cup and NorAm circuit plus competing at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Klëppen, Sweden, Olivia earned a spot on the national team.


By the next winter, Olivia got to travel around the world doing the sport she loves and feels very lucky to be able to experience life on the National Team at such a young age. Olivia had a successful rookie season where she ended the 2019-2020 season top 10 on the overall World Cup standings.


On January 21st, 2022, after being invited as an alternate, Olivia competed in her first X Games event. She shook the world by grabbing her first ever international medal with the bronze at the Big Air event.


In February 2022, at only 17 years old (2nd youngest athlete in the Canadian delegation), Olivia realizes the dream of her life by participating in the Beijing Olympics. Among the 7 athletes representing Canada in Big Air and Slopestyle, Olivia is the only athlete to qualify for the final of both disciplines, finishing 8th and 11th respectively. Moreover, through these spectacular performances at a young age, she leaves an emotional imprint engraved forever in the imagination of her many supporters.

2022 | 8th place – Beijing Olympic Games (Big Air)
2022 | 11th place – Beijing Olympic Games (Slopestyle)


2022 | Champion – STOMP Big Air New Zealand
2022 | 3rd place – X Games (Big Air)






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